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Scandal: Stephanie Otobo says she was manipulated to ‘fall’ Apostle Sulieman

Ms Otobo had accused Sulieman of impregnating her.

Stephanie Otobo, the Nigerian singer based in Canada who said she was intimately involved with Omega Fire Ministries founder, Apostle Sulieman says it was all a lie.

In a video trending in the social media, Otobo claims she was ‘heavily paid’ to accuse Mr Sulieman by politicians in a bid to succeed in her musical career.

“I fell into the wrong hands, also very strong and powerful politicians and some pastors who manipulated me in a very wrong way with the intention to fall the man of God” she could be heard saying in the video.

Ms Otobo, spoke in what appears to be a branch of the church also ask for forgiveness from Mr Sulieman and his wife.

Watch the video here


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