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Zimbabwe military seizes power

The army denies it is a coup, but it’s clear.

Zimbabwe’s military has seized two days after warning it could do so in response to the sacking of the country’s vice president.

But the military denied it was a coup. It claims it is targeting “criminals” around President Robert Mugabe.

It said Mugabe was safe and sound –his family too.


Late Tuesday, armoured tanks took position in the capital, and there were sounds of gunfire in the capital Harare early Wednesday but the military asked residents to be calm.

Soldiers quickly seized the state broadcaster, ZBC, manhandled its staff and read out a statement announcing its plans, Reuters reported.

The statement, read by Sibusiso Moyo, a major general and Chief of Staff Logistics, denied the action was a “military takeover of government” and assured “the nation that his excellency the president… and his family are safe and sound and their security is guaranteed.”

“We are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes… that are causing social and economic suffering in the country. As soon as we have accomplished our mission, we expect that the situation will return to normalcy,” the military said.

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