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Ikoyi whistleblower getting his millions

Finance Minister Adeosun says he’ll be paid this November.

Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun has confirmed the government has not yet paid the Ikoyi apartment whistleblower, saying the payment would be made in the next one month.

Her clarification came after pronouncements by the EFCC chairman Ibrahim Magu about the payment sparked controversy.

Magu had said in Austria that the “young man” who led authorities to a stash of about N17 billion, hidden in an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos, by the now sacked National Intelligence Agency chief, Ayo Oke, was already a millionaire and was being counselled by the government on how to use his hefty five percent reward.

He later denied media reports that the man had been paid already.

In a statement Sunday, Adeosun said the government had not withheld any fund due to any whistleblower, but that the payment had to followed “detailed procedures” designed to “prevent abuse and legal disputes and to ensure protection of the information providers.”

Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun

“These procedures include an application by the agency who recovered the funds including evidence of the recovery, confirmation that there are no pending legal issues on the recovery, verification of the identity of the information provider, calculation of the amount payable and computation of relevant taxes,” the statement by her spokesperson Oluyinka Akintunde said.

“It must be stated also that payments are made in monthly batches to ensure control and to protect the identity of information providers. To date, over 20 of such persons have been paid. From available records, the payment due on Ikoyi is among those being processed in the November batch, which will be released within the current month.”

The minister said the government was fully committed to ensuring that all those who respond to the whistleblower policy are paid in full and most importantly have their identity protected.

The Whistleblower Policy was introduced in December 2016 by the Federal Government as part of the initiatives to wage war against corruption.

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